Anstieg is a re-make of Call Of Duty: World At War's first official zombie map, This building is located in small airfield which is used in a campaign mission in World At War. This re-make is made by Ju[s]tice, Broken Line's Main Mapper.


There are only 3 rooms in Anstieg. starting room, help room and second floor. Starting room has 5 windows and help door leading to help room and debris leading to upstairs. Both costing 1000 points. There are 2 weapons in this room, kar 98-k (300 points) and m1a1 carbine (500 points). Upstairs are largest room in level, almost half of the level. How ever there are only 4 windows. Upstairs have 4 weapons. Sawn off shotgun w/grip (1000 points), Browning automatic rifle (bar, 1400 points), trench gun (1200 points) and kar 98-k w/scope (1500 points). Also room has grenades that cost 250 points. Room has 2 debrises, one to help room and one to starting room, both costing 1000 points. Help room is smalest room of the map. Having 4 windows. There are 2 weapons in this room. M1a1 thompson smg (1200 points) and double barrel shotgun (1000 points). Also the room has Mystery Box that gives player random weapon for 950. This room has help door and one debris, both costing 1000 points. There are no perks or pack a punch in the map, making it little harder than other maps.


  • During the development, there have been many versions of anstieg. First being dropthebomps version. Later on there has been over 5 diferent version of the map. Current one is made by ju[s]tice
  • There is a radio in help room. Knifing it plays song similiar to Damned