The Ballistic Knife is available from the mystery box, or as a starting weapon in the knife runner game mode. It increases your knifing speed and damage, as well as having the capability to fire the knife blade. It holds one knife, with a reserve of four. The fired knives can be retrieved from where they land. The Pack a Punched version (PaP) is the Krause Refibrillator, and has the unique ability to revive downed teammates by shooting the blade at them. It holds one blade, with nine in reserve.


The Krauss Refibulator has no Pap'd texture.

The Krauss Refibulator can pick up it's own knives, but they do not go back to the reserve ammo count.

Max ammo's do not effect the Krauss.

The fired knives can be picked up by other guns, even after you trade the knife. They will go to the magazine ammo, then dissapear.

You cannot use the Bowie knife with the Ballistic knife.

This weapon is not in the 1.2 Alpha.

Ballistic Knife

The Ballistic Knife, as seen wielded by a player.

The Krause Refibrillator

The Krause Refibrillator, as seen wielded by a player

Blades fired by the Krauss can be used by a player weilding a normal balistic knife.

In multiplayer, other players can jack your fired knives.