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  • Mg-4ever

    Tech info page

    January 15, 2013 by Mg-4ever

    This is my page for technical mumbo jumbo on modding nz:p or information as to how the program is working.

    -Console commands can be imbued into objects or entities in NZ:P like the parent game Darkplaces. This means that low gravity can be triggered on and off at various points, say if you toucched a platform, or even a focusing stone which grants all perks to player. This can also mean that the dreaded "kill" console command can be imbued into an object, killing the player instantly regardless of perks. (not down, dead.)

    Entities from quake can be used intercchangibly with NZ:P in the following manner:

    Func_door for auto doors, zombies can't open them, but will stay open if zombies are close.

    func_door_secret for trigger doors, or PaP doors


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  • Axial111

    Hey guys :)

    comes a new nzp version out???

    I have heard something, but is that true??

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  • Saymoo

    Is there anything missing from the NZ:P wiki do you feel? Want something added, but can't find the motivation to do it yourself? Please, hit me up with suggestions on pages to add! I am dying of boredom without anything to contribute here. Soooooo..... yeah, just hit me up!

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  • Mr.potata

    Project: Help NZ:P

    January 28, 2012 by Mr.potata

    Is this the end? NO!!!

    "I would say game spirit is kinda gone by now. We are mainly three people left and none of us are hardly working on nzp anymore, at least for now. I can only hope, that this will change in time.."


    As you may now....NZ:P is currently slow in progress this is because there are only 3 people working to create NZ:P...and none of them are hardly working on it.....Please.....all of you... talented mappers...talented coders.... talented modelers.....Please, help NZ:P.....please share this blog to all talented mappers and coders around the world....

    • The NZ:P Team
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  • Saymoo

    Number One :)

    January 20, 2012 by Saymoo

    It's taken five days, but with the 100 edits badge I am now top of the wiki leader boards! Yippee! :)

    Hopefully this will result in people trying to top me, and thus expanding the wiki some more. Have at it, ye!

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  • Saymoo

    Large additions :)

    January 17, 2012 by Saymoo

    Hey everybody, just felt like making a list of what I have added to the wiki as of now :)

    - Added 13 weapons pages!

    - Created the Power Ups category, and created pages for each of the six Power Ups!

    - Created four Perk-a-Cola pages


    - Added 50 photos to the wiki!

    All within my second day of joining :)

    On a side note, this blog post should bring me to a tie for second place on wiki points :)

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  • Cpbarn


    December 8, 2011 by Cpbarn

    I think that NZP is good and fun. but zombies can sometimes stop coming.can you do something about it???

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  • Mr.potata

    It is 1. day of December. 24 days to go till Christmas. Also 24 days minus a year when first official release of nazi zombies portable was released. Lets go back in time little. Remember the first release? Game was buggy, crashed allot. There were however basically everything in. Then came beta (and re-coded beta) that made things better, stable and lot faster.

    However it still wasn't perfect. We have wanted to release a new version every day. We have wanted to release a stable, playable, enjoyable. WE wanted it for Christmas. What could have been perfect gift for community that has waited for half year now? Without any kind of word what is going on? Well i am sad to say this didn't happen. School and real life took most of the time we had.…

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  • Camalex97

    Hello, you don't know me and i don't know you, all i know is that an update cost's $5 so the guy doesn't havehis site expite on the 8th... anyways you know how the nazi zombies portable is non-canon right? (non-canon means fan made basically) and there is anoother wiki that is about 1,000 pages of user made content called nazi zombies plus wiki (link below) and i think this would be perfect to use for making non-canon maps and you would be able to probably expand on the size of your wiki and we will have a way to make maps more efficiently... think about it,

    Sincerely: Camalex97

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  • Sub012345


    July 17, 2011 by Sub012345

    Hey its me sub0123 from moddb or indiedb!!

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  • Sub012345


    July 17, 2011 by Sub012345


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