Bouncing betties are a secondary grenade weapon featured in certain 1.1 beta maps for pc. these maps include Warehouse,Christmas special, and wahnsinn.


Betties can be bought off the walls for 1000 points. You recieve 2 of them, and they refill automatically at the end of each round, or when getting a max ammo. They cannot be bought from the mystery box. The player can only have a maximum of two at a time.


In the 1.2 alpha for psp, betties can be obtained by the impulse 9 command, and double tapping the grenades button, then pressing the fire button. The charactor will proceed to place one, but the game will crash upon finishing the animation, with a no function error.

In the 1.1, certain downlaods, such as download errors, the betties have an infinite blast radius, but a finite damage radius. Placing one and detonating it may turn every zombie into a crawler.


The betties placing sound in the 1.1 beta pc is the same as the grenade throwing sound.

Blast effects change with the different lighting options on the options menu.

In real life, the bouncing betty was a mine that was tripped by a wire. it was burried in dirt or shrubbery, and when tripped, jumped up to about waist level, hence the bouncing part of the name. After reaching the proper height, it detonated, sending shrapnel in 360 degrees. it often took the legs off of the victim who tripped it. It was replaced by the m18 claymore.


These can be used as covering for a fall back position, as the player cannot trip there own mines, and the number of mines on the field at any given time can be infinite, if treated properly.

The mines can also be used to cover a window next to a camping spot, so you don't have to worry about the zombies.

The mines can be placed at a choke point, where a sniper weapon is the most effective. It is also a good idea to make a minefield of about thirty or so mines and stand in the middle of it when you are out of ammo.

When you are out of ammo, attracting zombies, making them chase you, and dropping a mine can kill, or turn the pursuing zombies into a crawler, which you can then finish off with a knife, and get enough points for another gun, or more ammo.