What is a perk?Edit

Perks help you by giving you abilities that you never had before, they make your zombie killing job easier and should be bought as soon as possible. When you get downed, you lose all your perks.

Juggernog sodaEdit

Juggernog soda costs 2500 points and will almost quadruple your max health. It will let you take up to 7 hits from zombies and 6 hits from dogs. This is the most useful perk and ignoring this perk can cost you... your life.

Speed colaEdit

Speed cola costs 3000 points and will increase the rate you reload you gun by about 50%. This helps alot on the bigger weapons like the browning. It is also very useful on small clips.

Double tap root beerEdit

Double tap root beer costs 2000 points and will increase your fire rate by about 40%. This is useful in tight situations when more firepower is needed.

Quick Revive sodaEdit

Quick Revive has two effects, on single player it costs 500 points and when you are downed by zombie you will have 10 seconds with a pack-a-punched Colt M1911, after the 10 seconds you will be revived and can contine playing, on muiltplayer it costs 1500 points and will decrease the time it takes to revive a teammate.

Phd FlopperEdit

Phd Flopper costs 2000 points and has a couple effects, first off when you do a dophin dive off a high place, you will kill all zombies near you at that time, this will also give you no falling damage and you are not affected by grenades, ray gun or wunderwaffe splash damage.

Stamin upEdit

Stamin up costs 2000 points and has two effects, first off, it increases your sprinting time allowing you to sprint longer and also increases your sprint speed allowing you to get out of tight places faster.

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