Power ups are the little things that help us players out. There are six different power ups that can be obtained. To obtain a power up, you must collect it from the ground where it will randomly appear after killing a zombie.

Types of Power UpsEdit

X2 Points - The X2 points power up doubles the amount of points you gain from hitting and killing zombies as well as the points from repairing windows.

Insta-kill - Any damage done to a zombie will instantly kill them.

Nuke - The nuke power up kills all zombies on the map, and rewards 400 points.

Freeze - The freeze power up incases all zombies in a block of ice, freezing them in place and making them a one hit kill.

Max Ammo -The max ammo power up restores your reserve ammo to full. It is worth noting that you gain one at the end of every hellhound round.

Revive- Said to only be available if in multiplayer, IF all players have quick revive. Revives all downed teamates, and brings spectators back inot the fray before the end of the round.

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