Grenades are explosives that you begin with, and two are restocked at the beginning of each round. They can also be restocked through the power up "Max Ammo". They can potentially be used to blow the legs off of zombies, creating the slower "Crawler" zombies. Depending on flight time, the grenade will bounce far or hardly at all. They can kill you in one hit if you do not have juggernog or PhD. Flopper. 

(Note: on a custom bsp level with low gravity, a grenade will fly in almost a striaght line.)


There is a serial number and a bar code on the back of the grenade model. It is illegible.

The betty and grenade have the same effect noise.

The grenade as a weapon is still coded as the original quake grenade launcher. pressing 6 on the keyboard, which is the weapon slot assigned for it, will select it too.

The player can hold down the grenade button, and they will not throw it. You cannot cook it though, it will still go off after three seconds.

You can cook cgrenades in the upcoming 1.2 Beta.


Pulling the pin of a grenade

Grenade exploding

Grenade exploding after tossed