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The Knife is one of the starting weapons in every NZP map with the other weapons being the Colt M1911 and four grenades. The Knife is primary close quarters combat weapon. It is a one-hit kill at round 1, and the number of hits goes up by one in reletively each rounds.


The Knife is standard on all game modes, you cannot buy, obtain or lose it, but you can replace it with The Bowie Knife


The lunge effect for the knife animation was just introduced in the new demo release for PSP. So far it is the only one to lunge.

In previous versions, there were two knife attack animations that played in a random order. The first was a slice, the second was a stab, and the stab took longer to recover from than the slice.

In the PSP demo version, the knife is held backwards, with the blunt side of the blade slicing towards the target. This is Blubs's way of saying the knife sucks.

In the demo, if the knife hit is most likely to connect, the game will force a lunge and stab animation, making it harder to recover from than in previous versions.

In the demo, there is a slight delay before the knife actually connects with the target. When the knife reaches the maximum distance away from the player, arm fully extended, the knife code forces the "fire" code: TRANSLATION: knife does no damage until the stab is finished.