The M1 Garand is a rifle. It holds eight bullets, with 128 in reserve. The Pack-a-Punched (PaP) version is the M1000. The M1000 features a 12 bullet capacity, with 150 in reserve. It has an increase in damage output over the M1 Garand.


It has the most accurate iron sights of all the weapons in NZ:P (The others shoot high, and usually to the left this one is dead on, at the top of the front sight.)

The M1 Garand can only be snagged in the 1.2 Alpha via Impulse 9. It is not in the box.

The M1 Garand in the 1.2 Alpha has a different reload than the other games.

There is no aim animation for the M1 Garand in the 1.2 Alpha.


The M1000, as seen held by a player.

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