Nacht der Untoten

Nacht der Untoten (known in previous versions as Anstieg der Toten) is a remake of Call of Duty: World at War's original Zombie map of the same name featured in Nazi Zombies Portable.


Nacht der Untoten, being the first map in World at War's Nazi Zombie mode is very basic, it is located in an anbandoned bunker and consists of only 3 rooms.


Nacht der Untoten features many weapons, it has a total of 8 wall weapons of which can also be acquired from the box, which also contains its own unique weapons.


Nacht der Untoten contains only 3 rooms, the starting room, the Help room and upstairs.

The starting room consists of 5 barricades, 2 weapons (kar98k (200 points) and M1A1 (600 points)), debris leading upstairs and door to help room costing both 1000 points.

The help room consists of 3 barricades, 2 weapons (Double Barrel Shotgun (1000 points) and Thompson (1200 points)), this room also features the Mystery Box which costs 950 points and in return will give a random weapon.

The upstairs finally consists of 2 separate rooms, both hosting 4 barricades in total despite this being the biggest area of the map. There are 4 weapons up for purchase in the above rooms (Sawn-Off Double Barrel Shotgun w/ grip (1000 points), BAR (1400 points), Trench Gun (1200 points) and kar98k Scoped (1500 points)).


In NZP Demo there are walls surrounding the door to the help room. WaW and previous remakes of NDU for NZP do not contain this feature.