Though many of the players will say that the PSP cannot handle the multiplayer at this point, that is not entirely accurate. This has been tested to work on the 1.2 ALPHA version of NZP for the PSP.


First, one needs to keep in mind that the 1.2 ALPHA uses Proquake version 4.7, a server based version of GLQuake. This means iit is resource hungry. So, follow these steps to maximize FPS-

1.Start NZ:P from the memory card.

2.If the NZP menu doesn't appear, press select.

3.Go to the options menu.

4. Scroll down to the submenu options, and cycle through the sub menu's until you see the tab that deals with fog and lighting effects.

5. Disable Dynamic lighting.

6.Go back to the main menu.

7.Press select to bring up the console.

8.Press box.

9. Type in using the on screen keyboard the following: r_editlights_clear

10. Press confirm, (either triangle, or X.)

11. press x to execute.

12. Type in r_fullbright 1


14. execute. (These last six steps free up ram from lighting situations, granting on average an additional 20 FPS. However, the graphics quality won't be as pretty, and there is no longer a dark spot in the map.)

15 Go to multiplayer.

16.Host. Make sure that the episode is set to either tutorial, or original maps.

17A. If set to tutorial, the only map available is spawn, or the warehouse map. Make sure max players is not above 4.

17B. If set to original maps, make sure the map is set to Zombie Assylum, or Verruck without the t, and that max players are not above 4.

18. Press x to launch the map in multiplayer mode.

NOTE: One the map begins, pause will not funcion, and you may or may not see an emblem on the left side with the player name (default Jukki) the number below the name is ping. Players can change the map at will by typing into console  changelevel anylevelhere, which keeps the multiplayer feed alive, and doesn't kick off other players. The more PSP's join, the slower it gets.

Currently considering getting proquake 4.7 for PC to host the PSP games, which will take a load off of the psp's themselves in the multiplayer.

Current ModesEdit

Co-op Fight zombies together, classic zombies. Recommended maps- Spawn, Snow_bunker, Forest_inn_open

Deathmatch- Co-op with a twist. Players can now harm eachother. Game does not end if all players get down. Most weapons kill other players in one hit. Recommended maps- Trapbridges, city_sm, bunker, and the original quake dm maps (dm1 thru dm6)