The PTRS-41 is a semi-automatic high power sniper rifle found in Nazi Zombies: Portable.


The PTRS-41 can be found in every map from the Mystery Box, for 950 points. It is an extremely powerful weapon, delivering 1 hit kills to any part of the body. It has very high hipfire accuracy, making it a highly effective weapon at close quarters. Despite being semi-automatic, it has a low firecap, thus it is ill-advised to be used in tight situations.

When Pack-A-Punched for 5000 points, it becomes The Penetrator. It features increased damage, along with an 8 round magazine, with 60 rounds in reserve.

Both versions are not accuarate at range. this can best be seen by removing fog with the fog 0 command in console, then picking a place on the wall to shoot at.


  • When obtained from the Mystery Box, it has 50 rounds in the magazine and cannot be reloaded until all 50 rounds have been spent, after which it will revert back to its normal 5 round magazine.
  • The engraving on The Penetrator will disappear when aiming down its scope. This can be fixed by sprinting.

The PTRS 41, as seen held by a player.

The Penetrator

The Penetrator, as seen held by a player