Quick revive is a perk with two uses and two different costs, depending on if you're playing solo or with a team. When playing solo, it costs 500 points and will automatically revive you when you go down. In team games, it costs 1500 points and allows you to revive your teammates faster. 


The machine's lighting is always on, even in multiplayer.

The Machine will dissapear usually after three uses, exceptions are in the 1.2, where it stays indeffinately. 

The Quick revive machine can be used indeffinately in 1.1 Beta PC by saving the game with a save command in console, and reloading the game. The quick revive wil then revert to 0 uses.

Quick Revive

The quick revive perk-a-cola machine

Quick Revive bottle

A player drinking the Quick Revive perk-a-cola