The Raygun is a pistol weapon, usually favored by fans due to its semi-high damage output, and splash damage. It has an ammo capacity of 20, with 140 reserve.

Pack-a-Punched version is Porter's X2 Ray Gun, which has ammo capacity of 40 with 200 reserve. The Ray Gun can be obtained from the Mystery Box , costing 950 points to use.

Ray gun

The Raygun

Porter's X2 Ray Gun

The Porter X2 Raygun


The Raygun's bolt always fires from hipfire position, except in the 1.2 alpha for psp.

The sights for the raygun in 1.1 Beta are completely unusuable, as the gun is held way to high, and at an incline.

The firing sound for the raygun in 1.1 sounds more like a quake 1 laser gun, whereas the firing sound in 1.2 Alpha is similar, but not the same as the original Call of Duty raygun.

It's weapon ID in the 1.1 Beta is the same as the Quake Thunderbolt weapon ID.

There is a frequent but not constant glitch in 1.1 Beta where the bolt will damage the player, even if it hits a wall across the map.

The 1.2 alpha psp version raygun has no reload sound.

The power charge needle on the side of the raygun is defunct and always in the yellow.

In the 1.1 Beta, the raygun's bolt changes colors from green to red when Pack a punched.

The Model for the raygun bolt is three rings, instead of a "glowing green ball" with rings trailing it.