The Sawed off w/grip is a shotgun available for purchase (1000 points) on all NZ:P maps. It is less accurate, but more powerful, than the Double Barrel Shotgun . Like the Double Barrel Shotgun, it holds two bullets
Sawed off

Sawed off on wall, as well as held by a player

with 60 in reserve. The Pack-a-Punched (PaP) Version of this weapon is the snuff box, which offers increased damage.
Snuff box

Snuff box, as seen wielded by a player


  • The Sawed Off Shotgun is refered to as "Sawn" in the 1.2 Alpha Progs.Dat
  • The Sawed Off reload animation has the left barrel's shell clip through the barrel when nearly finished reloading.
  • The backs of the shells when reloading glow in the dark.
  • This weapon's firing rate can be increased to true semi-auto with double tap. This in combination with Jugg, a bowie knife, and speed cola make it a deadly close quarters weapon.
  • Its shot pattern spread is barely different than the full sized twin barrel. They are essentially the same gun, with different models.
  • The "Sawn" weapon buypoint always functions in the hidden maps for the 1.2 Alpha.
  • The "Sawn" is so powerful, it will always make a crawler. However, it will immediately kill zombies up to the lower teens.