The scoped Kar-98k is a bolt action sniper rifle available only from the mystery box. It has a five shot capacity, with 50 in reserve. It reloads a single bullet at a time. The Pack-a-Punched version (PaP) is the h34dcr4ck3r, which is leet-speak for Head Cracker. It has a capacity of 15, with a reserve of 150. It offers more damage output than the scoped Kar-98k, and is semi-automatic rather than bolt action. There is a glitch where, if you look down the scope of a h34dcr4ck3r, it will lose it's pack-a-punched look. This can be fixed by sprinting.
Scoped Kar 98-k

The scoped Kar 98-k, as seen held by a player.

LDS Scoped Kar 98-k

Looking down the sight of a scoped Kar 98-k


The h34dcr4ck3r, as seen held by a player

H34dcr4ck3r glitched

A glitched h34dcr4ck3r, as seen held by a player.