The trench gun is a pump action shotgun, available for purchase (1000 points) off the wall on all maps.

It houses up to six shots, with 60 in reserve. The trench gun reloads a single shell at a time.

The Pack-a-Punched version is the gut shot, featuring two shell reloading and increased damage. Although it appears to have a 10 shot capacity, you may encounter a glitch forcing you to reload when you drop down to two remaining shots. Interestingly, this means that the only way to use all 10 shots inside the gun is when you have no ammo in reserve.

Trench gun on wall

Trench gun, as seen available for purchase on the wall

Gut Shot

The gut shot, as seen held by a player


The Trench Gun does less damage shot for shot than either double barrel Shotgun.

Speed Cola does not effect this weapon.

Double Tap does not effect the weapon's firing animation, though it makes it so that the player can fire when the chamber is open.

The forced reload is an occasional glitch with the gut shot, not a permanent glitch.

The Trench Gun has a disposition to be buyable for free, or have the ranked weapons glitch.

The player can sprint while reloading the trench gun.

The player cannot stop reloading by pressing the fire button. If the player tries hard enough, they can start to fire AFTER they have reloaded atleast two shells. When the player does this, the moment they stop firing, reloading will resume automatically.

This weapon can be a victim of the infinite reload glitch.

The Gut shot is the only weapon that can have negative reserve ammo. To do this, the player must have an odd number of reserve ammo, and even number of shells in the current tube. When reloading, it will take away 2 from reserve, and add 2 to the magazine, but will not take away only 1 when there is only 1 left in reserve. The player can still fire this extra shot. (Due to a coding bug in the weapons.qc, and a coding bug in the defs.qc float variable section.)