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    Tech info page

    January 15, 2013 by Mg-4ever

    This is my page for technical mumbo jumbo on modding nz:p or information as to how the program is working.

    -Console commands can be imbued into objects or entities in NZ:P like the parent game Darkplaces. This means that low gravity can be triggered on and off at various points, say if you toucched a platform, or even a focusing stone which grants all perks to player. This can also mean that the dreaded "kill" console command can be imbued into an object, killing the player instantly regardless of perks. (not down, dead.)

    Entities from quake can be used intercchangibly with NZ:P in the following manner:

    Func_door for auto doors, zombies can't open them, but will stay open if zombies are close.

    func_door_secret for trigger doors, or PaP doors


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