The Zombies

Normal ZombiesEdit

Zombies are deceased humans reanimated by Element 115 and are the primary antagonists of the game mode of the same name. Their only method of attacking is melee but only two successive attacks from the zombies are required for the player to go down without Juggernog.

Hell HoundsEdit

Dog2 13

Hell Hounds

Hell Hounds were first introduced on beta 1.1, whenever they spawn the demonic announcer will say "FETCH ME THEIR SOULS", At the end of a dog round the player recieves a Max Ammo. Currently the hellhounds are unstable on the PSP version and will make the game freeze. Unless of course you use a custom firmware and speed up memory stick access speed and the in game cpu speed to the highest possible speed. This will not only make the game run smoother, but will also let you reach higher levels.

Zombies deal 45 hit points of damage per hit. Player gets downed, or incapacitated at 20 hp, which is why you can't outright die and end the game. Player is invincible when down. It's a timer that kills you once down. (Only found out with my darkplaces experiment.) Health regernerates after 1.5 seconds of being hurt, almost instantly. Untitled ett bra vapen för både nördar/sebbe och pro/marcus.